Aude, land of the Cathars and the Canal du midi

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Aude, land of the Cathars and the Canal du midi

The Canal du Midi is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site, and winds slowly to the sea where cliffs and powdery sand attract leisure seekers and sailing sports enthusiasts. The canal flows through the heart of Narbonne, where you can discover its splendid cathedral. Bages and Peyriac-de-Mer in the Aude, are located on a splendid lagoon and rival with Leucate village for the first place on the podium of charming villages. The splendid medieval city of Carcassonne is just 1 hour from Toulouse and its international airport.

Along a 250 km route running from east to west, you will discover coastal lagoons, hillside vineyards, garrigues, forests, gorges and Pyrenean peaks dotted with vertiginous citadels, splendid Cathar castles overlooking the plains as far as the sea. Without forgetting the Clappe, a splendid massif with wine estates and secret preserved domains, rolling into the sea.

Roman culture and the Middle Ages are two key periods that deeply impacted the history of Cathar Aude territory. Major Cathar castles and abbeys bear witness to this rich history and unique heritage.

With a plethora of talented top chefs, a tradition of seafood, fruit, meats and salted products, the homeland of Prosper Montagné is one of the Languedoc region’s prized territories.

The diversity and quality of the Aude wines stems from the authenticity of the vineyard terroirs; here cuisine and wine blend together perfectly. A superb 50 km sand bar protected by Coastal Conservation laws shelters the local coastal resorts. Each spot has its own specific atmosphere and a wide range of activities.

The natural regional Narbonne reserve is an ideal spot for water sports, hikers and nature lovers alike.