Les Pyrénées-Orientales (Eastern Pyrenees), Catalan country

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Les Pyrénées-Orientales (Eastern Pyrenees), Catalan country

The Spanish border, in the southernmost point of the department, exerts a strong influence on the identity of the Eastern Pyrenees and Spanish culinary traditions are present in Perpignan and in many surrounding villages. With 300 days of sunshine per year, ski resorts just 1 hour from the beach, vineyards rolling into the sea, long beaches with fine sand and unspoilt coves, quality wine estates, plains devoted to fruit and vegetable production, imposing rocky landscapes and pine groves, our department is a land of contrasts, with an endless stock of natural treasures and secret spots.
Collioure – the cradle of Fauvism – is one of the leading lights of the department, with a profusion of sunshine and water, and an incomparable lifestyle. The natural barriers – the Corbières in the north, the Pyrenees in the south and the Mediterranean to the east – have protected the wildlife and authenticity of our department… just an hour away from Paris, Brussels or London.

Our region is sought out by film makers and true connoisseurs, nature lovers, property hunters looking for a new way of life, far from the pressures of city life or the rampant urbanisation of other coastal regions. Here, the atmosphere is reminiscent of Corsica or Formentera, but no need to take the boat to get here…
This Catalan region is proud of its heritage: the prehistory of the region (Tautavel Man is one of the oldest human fossils found in Europe), its history (Catalan domination of the Mediterranean Basin lasted for a century), and enduring traditions. Catalan culture is deeply rooted in the department and the Catalan language is spoken by 12 million people throughout the world.
Diversity is everywhere in our superb department: from the sandy beaches to the rocky coast, fruit and vegetable production in the plains, the arid landscapes of the Corbières, extensive forests in the Albères and the Vallespir and the sweet scents of the garrigue, up to the high mountains of Cerdagne. A real land of Cockaigne…